Success Stories


At Rebel Fitness CrossFit RFA, we love being right there with you as you move forward in your CrossFit journey. So when we hear great things from people like you, it makes us do fist bumps and victory laps. Keep those success stories coming!

  • Joe Siracusa

    Being that I am very busy (38 yrs old, father of three with a demanding career), I thought I only had time for work and family!! But a little over a year ago,  I made the decision to try crossfit and was lucky enough to find Rebel. In that year my results have been amazing! I’ve lost and kept off 20 lbs. and built a ton of muscle while doing so. I am in and out the door in about an hour and enjoy every minute. Every day is different and in addition to building muscle, you also develop close relationships with the coaches and the other athletes.  Every single person that walks through that door is friendly, encouraging and dedicated to getting better daily.  I have too many accomplishments to list and feel like this is only the beginning as it is now a lifestyle for me.  Rebel  is now a daily part of my life and now there is work, family and crossfit and rebel feels like both!

  • Katy Glover

    I started my crossfit life at another gym, and when I moved out of the area, I was more upset that I was leaving my gym and all of my friends I had made than anything else. I researched the other crossfit gyms in Rockland County, and completed a few trial classes at the various gyms. As soon as I came to Rebel, I knew this was the gym for me. I automatically gained new crossfit friends and family, and gained a stronger bond and better coaching than my old gym. I cannot compare the coaching to any other gym I have been to, because I cannot express how much I have learned and grew from this gym. I currently compete in Olympic lifting, and last year qualified and competed in the American Open. I would not have been able to accomplish this without the impeccable coaching at Rebel, and the without the support of all of the gym members. Everyone not only supports each other and encourages each other to do well, and push yourself to your maximum capacity, but you can also feel the true genuine friendship and love everyone has for each other.

  • Evelyn Navas & Ed Aron

    As a couple, we’ve tried many gyms and CrossFit boxes over the years and each time have walked away with a sense that something is missing from them. We’ve experienced the typical short bursts at the gym: 1 month at a box, exercising for a beach vacation, the winter-just-passed-and-what-happened?! season….the usual. This stopped once we found our home with Drew, Jen and the amazing coaches at Rebel CrossFit.

    CrossFit may definitely seem challenging and even intimidating to anyone that’s done the “basic gym”-thing for so many years. We can personally vouch that no other form of training benefits your body more than CrossFit will and, if you’re willing to work a little hard and truly commit, in a few weeks you’ll find yourself doing things that seemed impossible not so long ago.

    What really helps, however, and what really makes this box the exception to the rule, are the coaches at Rebel CrossFit. Drew and his team make you feel at ease no matter where you are in your fitness goals and work with you to make sure you are training at your personal pace and level of comfort. They are patient beyond words; they will take the time and (more importantly) the interest to make sure that you are learning and improving from your training. Drew has an uncanny ability to push you to your limits and still make you come back for more (Thank you sir, may I have another?!).

    We’ve been at Rebel CrossFit for approximately 6 months and are seeing some serious results. We have muscles in places we didn’t know they could be had, training in ways we never thought we’d be capable of and truly pushing our limits in terms of resistance and mental/physical endurance. Again though, it has to be said, it’s the coaches and the family aspect of this place that makes it stand out from the rest.

    The force is strong at Rebel CrossFit! We encourage everyone to join the Alliance.

  • Meg Anderson

    In short, this place changed my life. I’ve been coming here since July and now I can’t imagine my life without it. At first, I was afraid of CrossFit. Now I don’t want to do anything else. I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m happy they kick-started my journey.

  • Michael John

    To achieve the highest level of athleticism, CFRFA is the place you want to be. Hard challenging workouts will take your fitness to places you never thought you would go. Anyone who competes in the game of life will benefit from this program.

  • Massiel Alvarez

    If you are looking for a place where everyone encourages, motivates and supports each other, this is the place. It’s about being humble and helpful, and the only person you need to outdo or prove that you can do it is yourself. So happy to be part of this box.


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